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The Medical Marijuana Clinic offers a wide variety of treatment options for those affected by an ailment. We also offer to those that qualify, the option to apply for a Michigan Medical Marihuana ID Registry Card through the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs . A list of other services we offer treatment for can be found here.

A Word From Our Doctors About Medical Marijuana.

Dr. Mullen

Dr. Hall


Our doctors are now accepting appointments in our Jackson, Michigan, and Plymouth, MI offices for Michigan residents who are interested in obtaining a Michigan Medical Marijuana Identification Card.

Doctors will be available in our Plymouth, MI office on:

Wednesdays – 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Saturdays – 10:00am to 4:00pm

Doctors will be available in our Jackson, MI office on:

Tuesdays – 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Saturdays – 10:00am to 4:00pm

If you believe you qualify for a Michigan Medical Marijuana ID card, and would like to schedule an appointment with a qualified doctor, please call our office at +1.517.787.1206.

Our clinic, in addition to treating common ailments, offers patients who qualify  under the new Michigan medical marijuana laws passed in December, 2008. This new law allows for legal Michigan residents who qualify to possess and use medical marijuana. We assist those who qualify by providing an opportunity to meet with a physician that is supportive of the new law and can help with the paperwork and recommendations required by the State of Michigan.

To qualify for the card that makes it legal to use marijuana to alleviate debilitating medical conditions, applicants must have a signed doctor’s note and pay $100 to the state. The state has a reduced application fee for low-income individuals, which is $25.

We offer free pre-screening for people who may qualify, however a visit with one of our physicians, which is required to complete the application process, is $200. The qualifying patient must have their most recent medical records available for the doctor to look at during this appointment.  These medical records should include pathology reports, MRI’s, X-ray’s and/or prescription documentation.

For most patients we require that they have an existing primary care physician. If you currently do not have a primary care physician and are over the age of 40, ask about our chronic pain program.   Your visit with our physician will be limited to discussing your case as it applies to your application for a Michigan Medical Marijuana Identification Card.

The Medical Marijuana Clinic provides an accepted process to help you in obtaining your card and getting the treatment you deserve.

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